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Treasure Island Slot


Slot Rating from Players

Rank: 99/100

The Treasure Island review tells you now what kind of experiences you can have in this fantastic slot. We delve into the game's secrets and share our tips for winning. This slot game is very popular with Indian players and no wonder.

Slot Features

Merkur Gaming
Game Type
Video slot
Release date
Treasure Island RTP
5 by 3
40 paylines
Win Potential
Bet Range
0.01 — 0.25
All devices
Other features
Free spins, multipliers, scatters, cascading win, and wild symbol
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Treasure Island Slot Review

Due to its great popularity, almost all instant casinos have it in their selections and often also directly at parade locations. Playing the slot is extremely fun and easy, and there is no shortage of excitement.

The playing field is built quite sensibly, and you can set the bet levels exactly as your own budget allows. Whether you're a high-stakes player or a spinner of smaller sets, this game will give you plenty of great winning opportunities and crazy gaming moments. The minimum bet is €0.01 and the maximum €2.50. These are pursued with 40 paylines.

In the assessment of our diamond hard team, we have taken into account all the most important features of the slot. We'll tell you the best p


Special features in slot game Treasure Island
Online slot Treasure Island - paytable
Treasure Island slot with high win potential
Treasure Island online slot RTP

How To Play Treasure Island

Let's look at the features of this slot from the technical side. Cosmetically, Quickspin has used skillful hand-drawn lines in the game, and the characters are like from the pages of a comic book. When we dig deeper, the true essence of the gambling game is revealed, and it becomes clear that this slot game is much more than a regular slot. The sudden appearance of hideous pirates will make the player pale, while the shiny treasures will make the eyes glaze over.

The game's compass, in turn, spins like a wheel, so you can't rely on it when choosing a direction. However, there is a valuable secret to it. As a whole, the implementation of the game's pirate theme has been very successful, and that is why it is quite common that the Treasure Island slot game can be found in almost every online casino popular with Indian players.

The layout of the game differs from the usual one in that no fewer than four overlapping rows of symbols have been crammed into the playing field on five discs. On the other hand, there are fixed 40 paylines, which is a suitable number. For each of these lines, you can place a minimum bet of 1.25 cents or a maximum of 2.5 euros, in which case the total bet limits are 50 cents and 100 euros. Do you want to know what versatile bonus features the game contains?

Indian slot Treasure Island with free spins, multipliers and cascading win

How to Win Playing Treasure Island

Treasure Island lives up to its name in that the slot game really does contain great treasures! The journey to finding these treasures can be rocky, but sometimes smaller treasures also come across.

However, piracy is a life-threatening occupation, so be prepared that the ship's cannons are aimed at you when two TNT symbols stop on the playing field! The cannonballs will blow those symbols to a screeching halt and all surrounding symbols will turn into wilds. Thus, the playing field is suddenly filled with wilds!

From the player's point of view, the situation is advantageous, because then the player has the opportunity to grab several different winning combinations thanks to the 40 paylines!

However, a separate bonus is the best part of the game, as the player is taken to search for that wonderful treasure that Captain Flint has hidden on one of the countless islands of the Caribbean Sea. This action starts when you collect three scatter symbols represented by rotating compasses!

These lead you to the bonus game options, which are given in three different ways. Any winnings will give you gold coins directly, or you can get a bunch of free spins and when luck kicks in, the treasure hunt itself begins. In this case, you have the possibility to find the biggest treasure among many options, either on the islands, or by digging in different places on one island. This is of course the most profitable feature of the game and guarantees winnings of at least hundreds of euros.

Treasure Island Free Spins

As you probably already know, the best free spins are a sought-after item among our players.

In this game, you can always aim for bigger wins in its bonus features. Of course, the Treasure Island casino slot game already holds you in its grip with its basic functions, but at its best it is definitely specifically in the special functions. Every Treasure Island bonus is fun and action-packed.

Some function can also be activated in the base game, but when you get scatters, wilds or other special symbols by collecting a good rustle in the bonus levels, the biggest wins are immediately closer than usual.

The advantage of bonus functions in any game is not only bigger winnings but also the fact that there are more activities and changing situations in them. This is also how this Treasure Island game offers you numerous, unforgettable experiences.

Treasure Island free spins can be offered in two different ways: you can get them from offers given by online casinos, or alternatively, you can play them as the game's own special functions.

Free spins in Treasure Island and their value and number depend on your own deposit or the amount of the bet. So you can practically influence the number of rounds received.

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Slot Conclusionn

This Treasure Island slot review has tried its best to describe to you what kind of features and experiences it is possible to achieve in this slot. I hope we have succeeded in our endeavor!

The absolute best aspects of the slot are its versatile and fast-paced functions. What was not mentioned earlier is also how great Treasure Island mobile works. The game is made using all modern methods so that it can be played on every popular device from desktops to phones.

The whole is in fantastic possession in the game, and the chances of winning are tantalizing. However, remember that even though playing is fun and every game has many twists and turns, it is good to keep responsible gaming principles in mind. So never bet beyond your means!

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Can I play Treasure Island for free?

Yes. You may always access Treasure Island free slot.

Can I win real money on Treasure Island slot?

Sure. Make a real money deposit to win.

What is the best place to play Treasure Island?

Be sure to play the game at a reliable and licensed online casino.

Can I play Treasure Island slot on mobile phone?

Yes. The game is available for all operating systems.